Hot Links

Awesome Authors…

Abby Wood

Aline Hunter

Amanda Vyne

Belinda McBride

Brindle Chase

Caitlin Willows

Cherise Sinclair

Debra Kayn

Fiona Vance

Jeanne St. James

Jeanne Barrack

Jessica Lee

Jianne Carlo

Kaitlin Maitland

Keith Melton

Linda Gayle

Lissa Matthews

Lynn Lorenz

Madelyn Ford

Selena Illyria

Shirin Dubbin

Suzanne Rock

Cool Publishers…

My Publisher… Loose Id

Another good ‘un… Samhain Publishing

Editor Types Who Make Us All Look Good…

My Awesome Editor – G.G. Royale, Loose Id

Morgan Fayne, Loose Id (Who sometimes shows up on twitter as morganfayne)

Georgia Woods, Loose Id

Header Image of the Providence, RI Skyline and Accompanying Man Candy…

My favorite award-winning cover artist, Annie Melton


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